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When looking for ethical clothing options, look no further! Etiko is a well established ethical clothing brand from Australia who have been in operation for over 10 years.. In a market that often has casualties, they have survived and thrived over the years. They are a brand that have won many awards relating to their ethical practices and social responsibility. Their commitment to being 100% fair trade every step of the way is what sets them apart.

The information below explains their mission and also outlines some of their achievements. We are excited that Etiko is the first brand we are stocking, and that they are with us from our inception!


“LEADING BY EXAMPLE for competitors, peers and the government to showcase the importance of a Fair Trade model of business which is based on partnership, compassionate values and sustainability.

SUPPORTING our partners to achieve economic and social independence and control over their environment, and challenging the power structures that undermine their rights.

PROTECTING the environment by using natural resources efficiently, and promoting environmentally responsible initiatives to create new sustainability models.

SUPPLYING customers with high quality products, friendly and efficient service, and education of Fair Trade and environmentally sustainable solutions

PROVIDING a supportive environment to all stakeholders and encouraging communication and understanding amongst them.”


First non-food brand to gain
Fairtrade certification
Australia/New Zealand/Pacific region)

First eco-friendly range of footwear
(Australia/New Zealand/Pacific region)

Winner of the 2013 & 2014 Australian
Fairtrade Product of the Year

jinta sports

Jinta Sports is a unique and truly amazing business. In creating Fairtrade certified sports balls and apparel, they are making a difference in a big way! A guarantee to be free from child labour is perhaps the most important thing about these balls. This is ideal because who wants to buy a ball for their child, while at the same time be contributing to child labour elsewhere. Further, they:

  • support the workers with living wages;
  • support the community the balls are produced in with community grants;
  • help fund sports programs in remote Aboriginal communities.

No other ball can claim to do so much! Being able to stock the Jinta brand was important for us, as we also enjoy being active. We are glad to be offering this fairtrade sport ball alternative in New Zealand!

Jinta Ball Banner


“The brand name Jinta is a Warlpiri (Australian Aboriginal tribe based in the Northern Territory) word which means ‘one’ and is generally used to mean ‘winner’. The word is also used in the Warlpiri phrase ‘Jinta-ku-marrarni’, which means coming together, such as playing a game. The name suits because the Warlpiri community use sports to bring the kids together in meaningful activity.”


“The Jinta Sport brand has been
created to not only offer consumers
high quality, well priced sports gear
but also to help create a positive change
in the world.”

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