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What We Are About

Integrity at our core

What does business look like in this day and age; or more accurately, what should it look like? Pondering over this, we reached the conclusion that the value we most want to operate with is integrity. Business anchored by integrity was the motivation behind the name ‘Tummah’, the Biblical Hebrew word for integrity. Being honest, truthful, upright and fair in the way we conduct our business and in the products we stock, that’s what we are all about! To this extent, we have chosen to focus on products which have been independently certified both Fairtrade and Organic. For us, we see Fairtrade as being an opportunity for new growth within the lives of the producers and workers that come under this banner – something we fully intend on supporting.


Tummah is a business set up to encourage and expand that growth, through stocking and promoting brands that meet the standards of these certifications. Driven by a desire to see a change in the retail market in New Zealand, we are creating a place for the ever increasing number of conscious consumers to begin their move towards ethical fashion. With a focus on everyday fashion, we want to debunk the common myths that shopping ethically is too expensive or unfashionable. Ultimately we exist not for moral superiority, but to play our part in a new fashion industry that is both fairer on its workers and kinder to the environment.


Our Promise to You

We also walk the walk when it comes to making a change. You can have confidence when purchasing from us, with all our clothing guaranteed to be better!


100% Organic

Certified by GOTS, the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres.


100% Fairtrade

Fairtrade is what Tummah lives by. If the clothing isn’t Fairtrade certified, then we don’t stock it.


Quality Brands

We stock leading ethical brands which we have thoroughly looked into and trust very much. 


Eco Conscious

You can rest easy with no plastic packaging on our products and plastic free shipping available.

Why Fairtrade and Organic?

It is essential for us to have all our clothing certified Fairtrade and organic because without these standards, what we say has no substance. To understand why we hold such a strong stance on these certifications, please click on the following link.

Ideas and Inspirations

You can check out our ideas on everything fashion in our blog. Or perhaps your would be interested in our inspirations, that is, the wonderful brands we stock!

Fairtrade Cotton Farmer Holding Cotton

© Suzanne Lee for the Max Havelaar Foundation

Our blog is the place to go to see what we think about the big issues surrounding the fashion industry. You can find everything from what is driving the rise of consumerism and the demand for fast fashion, to an interview with Apurva, the lovely  owner of one of the brands we stock, No Nasties! 

The brands we stock really are market leaders when it comes to Fairtrade products. Highly regarded around the world, we are excited to be able to work with them to bring their products to the New Zealand market! They exist to make a difference and we think you will love them too.

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