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What does business look like in this day and age; or more accurately, what should it look like? Pondering over this, we reached the conclusion that the value we most want to operate with is integrity. Business anchored by integrity was the motivation behind the name ‘Tummah’, the Biblical Hebrew word for integrity. Being honest, truthful, upright and fair in the way we conduct our business and in the products we stock, that’s what we are all about! To this extent, we have chosen to focus on products which have been independently certified both Fairtrade and Organic. For us, we see Fairtrade as being an opportunity for new growth within the lives of the producers and workers that come under this banner – something we fully intend on supporting.

Tummah Ethical Trade is a business set up to encourage and expand that growth, through stocking and promoting brands that meet the standards of these certifications. Driven by a desire to see a change in the retail market in New Zealand, we are creating a place for the ever increasing number of conscious consumers to begin their move towards ethical fashion. With a focus on everyday fashion, we want to debunk the common myths that shopping ethically is too expensive or unfashionable. Ultimately we exist not for moral superiority, but to play our part in a new fashion industry that is both fairer on its workers and kinder to the environment.

We are passionate about stocking clothes that have been certified both Fairtrade and Organic. Also all of the balls we stock have been certified Fairtrade too. To understand why we hold such a strong stance on these certifications, please click on the following link.

Fairtrade Cotton Farmer Holding Cotton

© Suzanne Lee for the Max Havelaar Foundation

Stay In Touch

If you would like to understand more about the motivation behind what we are doing, we encourage you to visit our blog. Here we will include frequent posts about the following:

  • Our beliefs and understandings around Fair Trade and Organics in the fashion industry.
  • Updates and news related to the fashion industry, and our views on these articles.
  • Information about new ranges and products we are stocking.

Brands We Stock

The brands we stock really are market leaders when it comes to Fairtrade products. Highly regarded around the world, we are excited to be able to work with them to bring their products to the New Zealand market!

They exist to make a difference and we think you will love them too! For more information about their mission and what they are trying to achieve, click on the link below.

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