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How Clothing Defines

Clothing can define the lives of people; it’s simply the world we live in now. However, is clothing defining the right person in your life, and in the right way?

International Women’s Day 2018

The textile industry is predominantly female based, yet in these countries like India and Bangladesh, gender equality and women’s rights are lacking. However, there is a new hope for these workers!

The Forgotten Widows

In the cotton farming communities of India, we find the widows, so often forgotten. Yet there is a movement that sees them, and is giving them another chance!

Organic Does Matter

The importance of organic certifications for clothing is often belittled. Risks to the environment, animals, and you (the purchaser), should change that view though.

The Man Behind No Nasties!

We are really happy to be working with No Nasties, and a lot of the reason for that is because of their founder, Apurva. Get a behind the scenes look at the brand in my Q & A.

Did We Miss A Beat?

History is full of missed opportunities to make a positive difference. In one such case, a quote from a US President could have changed the fashion industry for good.

The Fairtrade Difference

Looking through our website, you will have noticed our focus on Fairtrade. We are strong advocates for the Fairtrade movement as an alternative form of trade.

Our Blog

Welcome to our blog! Here you will find our views on everything related to ethical, Fairtrade, and organics in the retail clothing industry.
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